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What is Hypnotherapy?

Many people choose hypnotherapy as a last resort, have tried “everything else” from CBT to Psychoanalysis and whatever drugs are available form their doctors.  The patient new to hypnotherapy may be unsure as to exactly what it is, many believing that the all powerful hypnotist will put them into a trance and take away their problems. For some the only experience, knowledge they have of hypnosis is of the Stage Hypnotist.  The stage hypnotist is looking for a show stopping exhibition of hypnosis and will have great skills in choosing their subject and are constantly exploring new and more effective ways to entertain their audience.

Hypnotherapists use hypnosis along with an understanding of therapeutic issues to help their patients achieve the changes they want in their lives with the use of trance inductions and direct suggestions. The only similarity between the hypnotherapist and stage hypnosis is that they both use the state known as trance and direct suggestions to persuade their subjects to follow their suggestions.

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