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ICCH Supervision Programme

What distinguishes this course is that in addition to a thorough training in classic supervision models, you will gain experience of using the ICCH’s NLP Supervision Model.

Advanced Training – The ICCH Supervision Course

A broad course that has been designed to be both challenging and holistic. You will develop a way of supervising that both fulfills organisational requirements and suits your personality, beliefs and values.

Our model explores:

  • The context and past experiences
  • The reality of what actually happened
  • And ways to develop and grow as a coach.

We want all of our supervisors to embrace their own style and connect to their creativity. We passionately believe in Transformational Supervision. As supervisors we believe our role is to enable our coaches to let go of old ways of individual and collective thinking, and behaviours that have, in the past limited our vision. Together we learn to open ourselves up to the potential and possibilities and to the future and what it may ask of us. We want all our supervisors to be confident and embrace what it takes to foster change.

We encourage our supervisors to think systemically, reflect widely and be prepared to change ourselves and our way of seeing so that we can to work inspirationally with others.

What will we explore?
We look at ways to develop your professional competence and creative capacities of supervision, broadening your knowledge base with models of supervisory practice, clarifying the functions of supervision. Building on your previous training in an integrative framework we explore a sense of vocation and values within a peer learning community

The course incorporates:

  • Hawkins & Smith’s 7-eyed model of Coaching Supervision
  • The Use of Self in Supervision
  • Multiple -dimensional Presence work
  • Buddhist Psychology, and quantum physics – a living, relational perspective
  • Coaching Psychology
  • Systemic Thinking in Organisations.

The course consists of three parts and is spread over nine months so that learning is incremental – it is organised as 3×2 days and is a non-residential programme. Students will be supported throughout by a team of 15 experienced trainers and tutors, all of whom are experienced coaches and senior coach supervisors. The key elements of the programme are:

  • 3×2 days of training – details below
  • 5 pieces of pre-course work
  • 6 tutorials
  • 9 teleforums
  • work with 5 supervisees (5 sessions each throughout the course)
  • 8 sessions with an experienced coach supervsior to explore your supervision practice.
  • monthly 2-hour sessions in supervision practice triads throughout the course
  • submission of Learning Journal (3000 words) and Case Study (4-5000 words)
  • reading from course book list
  • a cd of relevant articles and learning materials is provided; students and tutors add to this extensive resource for the beginning of each new programme.

There will be tutor, trainer and peer feedback during the course. Final assessment of practice will be on day 5. The 4000-5000 word case study and a summary of student’s Learning Journal are part of the final assessment.

This course is also available as an ‘In house’ option, and has been successfully delivered to national organisations as an extension to coaching and mentoring provision.

The broad range ensures that the course is both challenging and holistic. You will develop a way of supervising that both fulfills organisational requirements and suits your personality, beliefs and values.

For more information on this course please contact us on 02380 226050.

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The ICCH Supervision Course costs £900.00 + VAT (£1080.00)

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