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Terms & Conditions

Prescribed Policy Documentation

Equal Opportunities
The ICCH & WCHN are an equal opportunities organisation, offering non-discriminatory support to ex-students, current students and staff members. A copy of our equal opportunities policy is available on request.

Records of personal details are kept confidential, unless we are required by law to divulge them.

Please see our Privacy Notice page.

Course attendance
You are required to attend at least 80% of the course. If you need to catch up with missed work, your tutor will be able to help you. If you attend less than 80% of the course then arrangements can be made for you to complete the course at a future date. You can take a study break, but you must resume the course within two years of starting your break. We will not charge additional fees unless the course lasts longer or the content has changed significantly. If your break is longer than two years then you will have to restart the course from the beginning, and pay the full fee again.

Examination and Assessment
You are required to attend tutorial sessions, (3 at foundation level and 8 at Diploma level) which must be completed at least 5 days before an examination. If you fail a section of the theoretical examination, you only need retake that section. However, if you fail the practical assessment, you must retake the whole examination. You can take the examination a total of three times. If you fail on the third attempt you must retake the entire course before you can try again. You can appeal against your final results. You must do this by no later than three weeks after receiving your final results. Extenuating circumstances will only be considered if you notified us about them before the exam.

Exemption from certificate level study
You can be exempted from study if you have undertaken formal hypnotherapy training of an equivalent standard to our certificate program. You will, however, be required to sit the certificate examination.

Fees can be paid in full before the course begins, or you can pay a deposit, with the balance of the fees to be paid in installments’ by set dates. You will not be allowed to take any part of the examination unless you have paid your fees in full.

Course fees include all course materials but exclude tutorial charges. Upon full payment of the course fees all study material becomes the property of the student.  However, all course material is subject to copyright and may not be used by anyone else. We will not refund any fees you have paid unless the course is cancelled. However, we will repay your deposit in full if we do not accept your application to attend the course. If the course does not begin or if it is interrupted, then we will consider transferring all students to an equivalent course within twelve months of their enrolment. If your fees are seriously overdue, we reserve the right to suspend all the academic services we provide you – until you resume payment.

If, after the first weekend of study, we believe it is not in your interests to continue with the course, then we reserve the right to cease your training. If this happens, we will refund your fees in full, provided that you return all course materials.

If you need to cancel your booking you will be refunded your fees less a 15% administrative fee providing you provide this in writing no later than 30 days before the event.

Any cancellations made within 30 days of the start of the event are non refundable.  WCHN/ICCH may at their total discretion roll the training over to another training for a maximum of one training only.

We reserve the right to change the details of the program in the event of unforseen circumstances without prejudice.

These conditions do not affect your statutory rights.

We encourage students to comment about the courses, training and any support services on offer.

Student Support
We offer academic and pastoral support through our lecturing staff and external tutors.

Please see our Student Support page

Course improvements
We reserve the right to update and improve the course.

Complaints Procedure
If you alone or as part of a group – are dissatisfied with any aspect of the course or with any ICCH/WCHN representative, you should follow this procedure:

  1. Approach the staff member concerned and express your dissatisfaction in specific terms and as objectively as possible. If, in your view, your concerns or your complaint have not been dealt with satisfactorily by the staff member, then take step 2.
  2. Approach the course director and discuss the situation with him or her. If, in your view, the issue remains unresolved, take step 3.
  3. Write to the Principal of the ICCH/WCHN, outlining clearly the nature of your concern or dissatisfaction and the steps you have already taken to deal with the complaint. This should include the people involved and the dates upon which the complaint or concern was registered. The Principal will then take appropriate action. The decision of the Principal is final.
  4. Any complaint, even if accepted, will not necessarily constitute grounds for amendments.

Student Discipline
If any student’s misconduct is reported to a member of the WCHN’s staff, the following procedure will be followed after we have made preliminary enquiries:

  1. The student and a witness will be called to a meeting with the course director along with the person who reported the misconduct. The course director has the power to resolve the problem and take no further action.
  1. If this meeting fails to produce a solution and there is clear evidence that misconduct has occurred then the course director, depending on the severity of the misconduct, has the power to:
    1. Reprimand the student in question (this will be placed on file as a verbal warning).
    2. Notify the student that a written warning will be issued. A written warning must be issued within seven days of notification and a copy placed on file.
    3. Summon the student to appear before the College Principles (the meeting to be held at its earliest convenience).
    4. Suspend or exclude the student from the course until such time as the meeting with the principles can be convened. This action would only be taken in the event of severe or repeated misconduct by the student.
  1. Suspension involves the total prohibition on attendance or access to the WCHN and premises occupied by the WCHN.

It is an offence under the following regulations for a student by his or her conduct or activities to:

  1. Prejudice or bring into disrepute the WCHN.
  2. Willfully disrupt teaching, study, research or examinations or the administration of the WCHN
  3. Obstruct any staff member of the WCHN in the performance of their duties.
  4. Damage or deface any property used by the WCHN.
  5. Willfully harm any staff member of the WCHN.

The following constitutes misconduct:

  1. Disruption of the academic or administrative activities of the WCHN.
  2. Obstruction of the functions, duties and activities of any fellow student, staff member or other employee of the WCHN or any authorised visitor to the WCHN.
  3. Violent, indecent, disorderly, threatening or offensive behavior or language while on training or WCHN premises or premises occupied by the WCHN or while engaged in any WCHN activity.
  4. Fraud, deceit, deception or dishonesty in relation to the WCHN or its staff.
  5. Action likely to cause injury or impair the health and safety of fellow students, staff members or other WCHN employees whilst on WCHN premises or premises occupied by the WCHN.
  6. Sexual or racial harassment of any fellow student or staff member or other WCHN employee.
  7. Intentional or reckless damage or defacement of WCHN property or property of other members of the WCHN.
  8. Misuse or unauthorised use of WCHN premises or property including computer misuse.
  9. Behavior that brings the WCHN into disrepute.
  10. Any outside activities relating to hypnotherapy which might call into question the suitability to practice hypnotherapy ethically and professionally.

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