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Student Support

Whilst attending our Diploma and Foundation Courses all students will have a Supervisor to monitor their progress and give assistance as required.

To apply for an extension for an assignment contact us at info@icchypnotherapy.com

Assistance is available for any students studying with us who have learning challenges; for example dyxlexia; please contact us at info@icchypnotherapy.com if you need assistance with assignments etc.

Student Liaison

Tanya Bunting

Student Liaison Supervisor


Tanya can be contacted at: student.support@icchypnotherapy.com

Tanya is a teacher at heart who loves to learn and enjoys working with children, teenagers and adults alike.

After seventeen years in school leadership, Tanya took a career break during which she completed the NLP Practitioner Course with Dr Richard Bandler. “Listening to Richard and learning a wealth of strategies for learning and personal change, I was hooked! I couldn’t wait to return to the classroom or begin working with individual clients to share my skills. NLP taught me to manage my time and emotions in order to simultaneously enjoy full-time teaching, family life, new studies and begin writing for children in a stress free way. One thing lead to another…” Tanya is now a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Licensed Coach and one of our Supervisors.  She continues to teach and work with private clients of all ages to optimise learning and facilitate rapid personal change.  She has a background in skills support with a number of specialisms, including Personal and Career Coaching.  “I am proud and privileged to assist and supervise on the Foundation Course for Clinical Hypnotherapy at WCHN and look forward to meeting our new students”.

Reference Material & Recommended Reading

This reading list is essential reading for any hypnotherapist or NLP’er. It doesn’t matter whether you are brand new to the field or if you have many years of experience.

This list represents a diverse mixture of material, take your time, read as many of these as you can.  Whilst you do, your confidence will soar, your skill sets will grow, and your successes increase.

Hartland's Medical and Dental Hypnosis

by D. Waxman – (3rd Edition)


by R. Bandler & J. Grinder


Stop Panic Attacks

A free eBook to download.

A Guide for New Practitioners

Launching your business and achieving your goals.
A free WHCN eBook to download.

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