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Training Courses

The International College of Clinical Hypnotherapy is pleased to offer courses giving a blend of practical skills, techniques and theoretical knowledge which will give you not only a recognised qualification but also the confidence to become an effective practitioner, with a successful and rewarding career.

All our courses are taught by experts in their field, learn how to set up a profitable successful business from those who have done so.   Learn from their mistakes; learn best practices so that you can save time and money and start creating a successful rewarding business helping people make changes in their lives.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Training

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, a state that you have probably been in many times without realising it.

Clinical Hypnotherapy, is the use of the altered state of consciousness known as trance, to enable people to make therapeutic changes. People are not treated by hypnosis but are actually treated whilst in hypnosis.

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NLP Training (Practitioner)

Dr Richard Bandler describes Neuro Linguistic Programming as the study of the structure of subjective experience, and as the modelling of excellence, essentially it is how we know what we know.

Many have said that learning NLP is like being given the handbook for your brain and finally being able to take control.

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Coaching Programme

We have created a 2-in-1 approach to developing your coaching skills.

Join us on our new 14-day coaching programme and you will also become a BSCCM accredited coach.

This will halve the time you need to spend and double your experience and capability.

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Supervision Programme

We believe in Transformational Supervision.

As supervisors we believe our role is to enable our coaches to let go of old ways of individual and collective thinking, and behaviours that have, in the past limited their vision.

Together we learn to open ourselves up to the potential and possibilities of others.

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Corporate Training

The most valuable resource in any organisation is its people. Find out how our training programs can help improve your bottom line.

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