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Millions of people each day face obstacles to their goals; some find a way to deal with these whilst a vast majority do not.  Some don’t know how, can’t find the motivation or resources needed.  Some may even think that there isn’t a way to change the way things are.

When I attended an NLP Practitioner course I did so as I wanted to learn skills that would enhance my business life; and whilst there I found so much more.  I learnt all about how the brain processes information, and how I could actually control my thoughts and the way in which they were structured to enable me to change so much.  It was as if I had been given the handbook for my brain; and it was easily understood and implemented not only in my business life but personally too.

So many people when asked what they want tend to think about all the things they don’t want.   I don’t want to be poor, I don’t want to be anxious; by doing this they are focussing their mind on exactly what they don’t want.   Freud believed that negation preserved the thought; and people do tend to bring into their lives those things that they focus on.

The first step to achieving your goals is to ensure that they are voiced in the positive.

What do you want?

Write it down.  How does it look?  Do you like what you see?  Is it stated I the positive?  If not change it now so that it is a positive statement.

Now ask yourself what will having this do for you?  Give you?

How will it affect your life and the lives of those around you?

What wont you have when you achieve this goal?

Think about the answer to these questions.

Wishing for something isn’t enough, once you have your goal in mind, its time to begin to look at what needs to happen. What’s the first step?  Its important to take this into account as saying “I want my clients to buy more products”; is not the same as “I ‘m going to sell more”.

Is it good for me and those around me?  Consider both the positive and negative consequences of achieving your goal.

How will you know you have achieved your goal?

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