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We are urged to plan, to form goals from very early on in our lives, from being asked as a very small child what do you want to be when you grow up.  People will ask what are your plans, for your career as a teenager through to what are you doing for the holidays.

Its said forming goals is important as they give our life a direction; and the efforts taken to achieve those goals leads to our personal development.

Personal development doesn’t have to be about doing something extraordinary, it can be achieved by carrying through the simplest tasks. The only criteria that needs to be fulfilled is that it meets your needs and helps to propel you forward in life.

Goals are said to lead you to the path of success, allow you to take risks and set challenges for yourselves and when you achieve smaller goals these help you gain confidence.

Interestingly, personal goals cannot be considered ‘personal’ forever, as they often influence family values, education, and most other aspects of your life.  And its essential to consider how your goals may affect those around you; family, friends and your career.

The idea of having concrete, achievable goals seem to be deeply ingrained in our culture, and there is also the suggestion that its better to live without goals.  That goals limit us.

Consider this: “You’ll never get anywhere unless you know where you’re going.” Seems to make common sense, and yet it’s obviously not true if you stop to think about it.  If you go outside and walk in a random direction, after 20 minutes, an hour … you’ll be somewhere!  It’s just that you didn’t know you were going to end up there and of course you may not a actually want to be there.

Without goals you have to open your mind to going places you never expected to go. Yes, you’ll explore new territory, learn some unexpected things. You’ll end up in surprising places.

NLP works on the principal that there is something we want, a desired state, and that we are somewhere else, our present state.  By using the various techniques within NLP you can help someone travel from here to there.

Speaking to a friend recently he said that he stopped having goals and that he just had sign posts that he followed.  Aren’t these just goals under a different name?

What happens if you have no goals, no direction?

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