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Today fertility is a huge issue; women come to a stage in their lives where they decide its time to have a child; then find out that the one thing that for so many years they tried to prevent is much more difficult than anticipated.  Women from all walks of life from the rich and famous to those who have sacrificed a lot to pay for treatment.

In the pursuit of a baby, some women spend their time living with anxiety, creating so much stress as they wait each month to see if its happened yet.  Whilst waiting some turn to alcohol.  Many not realising that alcohol can actually lower fertility levels as it’s a hormone disruptor.

Others create a strict regime of diet, exercise, no alcohol and lots of supplements.  Creating a different kind of stress, as they regiment their lives.  Insisting on having sex on baby days, on the days they are ovulating, some even forgetting about their loved ones.  Lost in project baby, peeing on sticks and insisting husbands and partners come home as its time.

You may be consciously saying yes to having a baby and yet fail to get pregnant, this may be due to your mind saying no deep down.  Emotions can affect the delicately balanced hormonal system, which in turn controls ovulation, spermatogenesis and pregnancy.

To develop the perspective needed to conceive you need to view yourself as a fertile person.  Many have been conditioned to looking outside ourselves for healing rather than how we can help ourselves.  Drugs and surgery may be necessary but an over reliance on them has led us to stop trusting the wisdom of our bodies, our instincts.  Using all the resources available to you to achieve you goal.

Instead of only having sex on baby days, have sex throughout the month.  Regular sex is thought to create fresher sperm with fewer abnormalities.  I think that ovulation sticks are a mixed blessing; I’ve seen people’s sex lives radically change as they only have sex a couple of days a month.  So forget about peeing on sticks and make love whenever and as often as you desire to.

Positivity makes all the difference, we’re just beginning to understand the power of the mind.  The work Bruce Lipton is doing working with how our beliefs can change our DNA will I am sure become more readily known and used in the future.  Use positive visualisation, stop worrying about visualise your eggs being fertilised and developing inside you into a wonderful healthy baby

A few years ago one of my clients conceived at age 45.  She was refused IVF due to the fact that her FSH levels were too high; and there were other health issues whereby they said she would never conceive naturally.  She never gave up believing in herself and the fact that she would be a mum one day.  She is today the mum of a very health normal baby girl.

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