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“Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat,

please put a penny in the old mans hat…

There are so many responses to those words.  I love Christmas, always have.  Buying presents for people I care for, looking forward to spending days with loved ones, friends coming over, visiting, cooking, entertaining … parties.

My mother hated Christmas – buying presents, having the family under her feet (her words), visiting, visitors, cooking etc, etc, etc.

Whereas I view Christmas as a time for being jolly, having fun with friends and family all she thought of was the trouble it put her too and how much work it brought her.

Christmas is a time where so many people feel lonely, depressed, worn out, stressed – far too much to do and far too little time or resources.  Many people do not have the model family and there are step brothers, sisters, parents too.  All this can change your view of this time, as some people being to think about the problems; especially when there are all those lovely seasonal movies on TV showing how wonderful Christmas with the family is making people believe just how wonderful everyone else is feeling…

This is a time when so many of my clients turn to “false friends” to change the way they feel – alcohol, tobacco and drugs.  Then there are the Christmas Parties!  Each year I am astounded at the effect of the Christmas Spirit – instead of just a few drinks to become merry so many people seem hell bent on oblivion.  I’m not just talking about “youngsters” but people of all ages, in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond.  Suddenly otherwise sane individuals feel compelled to make such utter fools of themselves.

Coming down with a bump in January!  Feeling below par after over indulging in food, alcohol, cigarettes and far too many late nights.

Over the years I have taught my clients strategies, techniques, that help them to copy with this crazy time of year; and for those who go wild through the festive season and call me in January deciding they need to STOP the craziness and keep their new years resolutions its not long before they are back on track.

For now the Christmas Cards have been written and are ready to be sent, and I’m enjoying the Christmas preparations and looking forward to the holiday season.


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