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A review of the Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation Course by Tiffany

Having recently completed the Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation course I really wanted to write a review so that you can get a feel for how beneficial this course actually is. Guaranteed if you are reading this you are already interested in Hypnosis.

I became interested in Clinical Hypnotherapy through my passion for NLP – I absolutely love NLP, I am currently a licensed Trainer of NLP and I use the techniques regularly both in my personal and professional life. I am currently at the point where I am really wanting to turn my hobby into a professional and viable business. This is one of the areas where this course has been so valuable. The Hypnotherapy industry is largely unregulated at the moment and it is many peoples’ beliefs – including mine – that this will change.

These diplomas are recognised qualifications and when you complete them you will become a member of the General Hypnotherapy Council amongst other regulatory bodies. The course modules will help you to learn and add structure to your business. Over the weekends we learned what is needed to run a professional practice from a legal, financial and ethical standpoint. There is a clear structure taught on how to conduct a session professionally, how to store records so they are also compliant with data protection laws, complaints – I mean everything is covered. By the end of the course you will understand all the formalities needed to run a successful practice.

The practical side of the course was brilliant – we learned many new techniques; such as Authoritarian, Permissive and Non-traditional trances. We also learned how to take clients even deeper into hypnotic states, how to awaken them safely and how to use techniques to take them back into trance easily. I honestly couldn’t believe how many methods are covered in such a short space of time, and how much I learned… Needless to say… I highly recommend this course to any budding NLP practitioner, life coach or hypnotherapist as you will learn an extraordinary amount from some very talented and experienced tutors!


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